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Lana McAra is an award winning, international best-selling author and ghostwriter of more than 35 titles with a million books sold (many under the pseudonym Rosey Dow), including two cookbooks. An author via traditional publishing for 25 years, she has been editing and ghostwriting for more than 20 years, working for WinePress Publishing as well as Author One Stop and individual clients.


She won the national Christy Award for Reaping the Whirlwind in 2001, and her historical cozy mystery series, Colorado, sold more than 250,000 copies. Her titles have appeared around the world in bookstores and libraries in regular print, large print editions and audiobooks. View her books currently on Amazon by clicking here.


Going through a divorce after a 30-year marriage, Lana took a hiatus from her own fiction work and focused on ghostwriting while adjusting to her new life. She is about to release her new cozy mystery series as she returns to the industry she loves so much.


Lana lives in Delaware where she very much enjoys country living and easy access to the beach and 5-star restaurants. Read more about Lana on her extensive LinkedIn profile at

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Why the 2 Names?


A Personal Message From Lana


Since my divorce 11 years ago, I have gone through a magnificent transformation from a timid, anxiety-ridden victim of narcissistic abuse to the confident spiritual healer and media personality I am today.


That meant a lot of breaking down of the old mindsets, shedding tons of old belief systems, and a complete renovation of my self-image. For me, that meant a name change. Yes, I took on a new name as part of my transformation.

My old married name was Rosey Dow and that's the name on my pre-divorce books. They are mostly inspirational romantic cozy mysteries with a historical novel and a couple of contemporary suspense novels thrown in. When people ask me about my previous writing, I tell them those are from my Christian days, from the Christian perspective. 


Today, I call myself spiritual as I no longer ascribe to strict the Christian worldview. I am an ordained minister but follow no specific creed or spiritual text. My divorce is the dividing line.


From this point on, my books will have my current name, Lana McAra, so you will know what to expect--a fun story that contains elements of energy healing, Reiki, chakra clearing, sage burning, crystals and hypnosis from time to time. If you love those, too, come along with us by joining the thousands on my mailing list who get early news before anyone else.


My new stories are FUN and full of life with a tantalizing puzzle that I challenge you to figure out before the big reveal.


Here's what Lana's readers are saying...


Rosey Dow does a magnificent job of portraying the various eccentric characters you find in every small town. From the town doctor to the woman who can cook a possum and you would swear it is rib eye steak. ~Kindle Customer (from Amazon)


I loved the unique setting of this mystery. It told two stories at the same time...the Scopes trial and the mystery. The author gently and respectfully examined the opposing philosophies presented at the trial. I look forward to reading more of her books! ~Mom of 3 (from Amazon)


The who-dunnit portion of Ms. Dow's latest effort is so well done, I defy anyone to guess the criminal's identity. Her accurate, painstaking research is clearly reflected in the clear and informative presentation of the Scopes "monkey" trial details. For entertainment, this is tops. For historical accuracy, it can't be bettered. I would recommend this for anyone who has an interest in mysteries or historical fiction. But be warned...don't start reading until you have time to won't want to put it down! ~D.A. Featherling (from Amazon)


I read this book to our kids while on a long trip. They loved it and didn't want to stop anywhere because then I would have to stop reading. ~seehere (from Amazon)


Nice book like all this authors. I really enjoyed reading every book she has put out. I read them and then I pass them on to other readers. ~Carol (from Amazon)


The book is entertaining and easy to read. The dialogue was particularly funny (due to the intended humor and time period). ~Tallulah A. Scribbles (from Amazon)


I started the book and oh my goodness, you are constantly wondering what will happen. I highly recommend this book it you like romance, suspense and just plain good writing. But like the others have said, set aside some time because it is hard to put down! It's a keeper. ~Love 2 Read Novels (from Amazon)


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