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Recent Appearances

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“Unhealed wounds give us a distorted image of who we are--like looking into a cracked mirror.” ~Lana McAra


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FEBRUARY 25, 2020

Starting Over at 52

FEBRUARY 26, 2020 

A stay at home Mom for 30 years, when her marriage ended and she had to support yourself, Lana McAra moved to the woods, became a ghostwriter, a healer and TV show host. Watch this interview and find out how.

Petite2Queen podcast

APRIL 18, 2020

It’s easy to lose the joie de vivre as we face stresses and struggles in everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be this way...

Intuitive Healer uses Guided Meditation

June 14, 2020

Hacks and Nuggets for success in my interview with I AM CEO podcast 

A 50+ Woman Finds Joy and Healing for Herself and Others

APRIL 18, 2020

"It was a wake-up call... I felt like I got a phone call from God that day."

Loving Yourself Is More Than Just A State Of Mind

MAY 11, 2020 

Lana discusses her life-long work of moving from not loving herself enough to experiencing deep love, and how gentleness is the key. 

First, Find Out What You Want


885: You Can Have What You Want; You Just Have to Know What it is with Lana McAra Founder and Owner of Ghost Writing 911

Articles and Blog Posts

You Are Not Me: How Self-Awareness Creates Personal Power

by Lana McAra

Self-awareness has been one of the biggest clichés in Western society since the 1960s.

Why not just say no to social pressure? The answer lies in the fuzzy line between what is me and what is not me...

The School Librarian Told Me I Read Too Much

by Lana McAra

I left the library fighting back tears. 

When I was in Fifth Grade, my passion was reading. I used my study period to go to the library. That was my first year in middle school, and my new school had a massive beautiful library....

10 Signs You Have Been A Victim of Covert Narcissistic Abuse — and might not realize it

by Lana McAra

The impact of being around people like this is deep and damaging.

Do you know someone who takes great offense at the slightest sign of disrespect or rejection? Do they immediately tune...

Fifty-Plus Today Magazine

Why You Should Stay Calm & Enjoy Life Even When The World Is In Chaos – Without Guilt

by Lana McAra

Can we find peace and joy in our turbulent world?

It seems that lately all we hear is bad news followed by more bad news. And when we see things start to ease up...

Fifty-Plus Today Magazine

3 Tips To Slow Down After A Lifetime Of Rushing

by Lana McAra

Beautiful things are everywhere, if we will simply notice.

Yesterday, sitting at my desk I looked up to see three ladybugs on the screen outside my window. Three ladybugs. Where did they come from?...

Fifty-Plus Today Magazine

The New Unstoppable 50+ Woman

by Leslie Farin

“The person I thought I was turned out to be just a character I played to be accepted.”

Lana McAra embodies confidence, authenticity and a sincere warmth. These qualities, though now so much  a part of her persona, were not fully realized until well into adulthood...

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